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5 Reasons to Tip Your Stylist

Living in a fast pace environment , it seems like we're always spending money.  Whether it be cash, credit cards, and apps, it's hard to go through the day without spending a single cent.  It's no secret that the service industry lives and thrives on customer satisfaction.  How satisfied you are depends on the dollar amount you place on that line right under your total.  So whats your bottom line when it comes to showing gratitude for a job well done?  


It surprises us how many people brag about their new hairstyle, full set of nails, popping brows, and beat face... They take selfies, they tag their stylist on social media, but they don't tip (where they do that at)?  If we have just described you, let us give you 5 reasons to tip your stylist:



1. Because you like how you look and feel!

Sometimes a new hairstyle or a fresh press can be a huge pick me up.  When you look good, you feel good!  Heck, you may even go exercise or meal prep! Why not show your gratitude to the person who just shifted your day?


2. Because they just solved all of your problems, kept your secrets, and labored to make you beautiful for several hours.

Stylist spend more time listening to others problems than dealing with their own.  Sometimes they can be considered trash cans that people just dump all of their issues in.  Then, after you have swung your new weave and twirled out of the door, the stylist has an unspoken responsibility of keep the lid on the trash can and making sure the intimate details that you have exposed are kept under wraps.  


3. Because you need your hair done "right now."

If you are not a tipper, do not expect to be squeezed in, fit in, or slid in to the rotation.  It's just not gonna happen.  Start tipping and see how much of a priority you become to your stylist.  


4. Because you are always late, and sometimes you cancel (a little).

Time is money.  When you are late, the rest of the day for the stylist is delayed.  She will have to call everyone after you to push their appointments back, miss lunch, call someone else to pick up her child, cancel her hot date, and lose out on possible clientele.  I bet you didn't know all of that happens when you are running 15 minutes behind.  Tipping helps make up for that.  


5. Because sometimes you "ain't got it."

Most people develop relationships with their stylist, which is great and totally appropriate! For example, you have a standing appointment every other Tuesday with your stylist.  You had some unexpected expenses that drained your bank account, but still had a very important event to attend.  You need your hair whipped for the event, but "you ain't got the cash."  A tipping client would still be able to get their hair done and pay the stylist later.  Because you have built a trusting relationship with your stylist, they may be more inclined to helping you out in your time of need.  


So, how much do you tip?  

Industry standard is 20% for good service.  If you have a special event, it should be closer to 25% to 30% because the stylist is doing more work to make sure you look good.  Bottom line, you should at least leave a 15% tip, especially if you plan on returning in the future.  


What are your thoughts? Let us know.

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