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Natalie Ganther and Nicole Stephens are Freelance Makeup Artist, Licensed Hair Stylist and Skin Therapist, Wigmakers, Beauty Guru’s, Entrepreneurs, and Identical Twins! Whew!  Their flare for beauty and the arts started a young age. By the time these young ladies turned 14 years old, they were juggling school, performing, and keeping up with a full clientele! Makeup & Hair has always been second nature for these two visually artistic women. Recreating high fashion and edgy looks is hobby that they still share. 

“Glamluxxe,” a mixture of the words Glamorous and Luxurious came about in 2011. Beauty makeovers and promoting a positive self image has been their unspoken motto ever since. Glamluxxe has had pleasure of making up over 50 brides and countless bridesmaids. Just in the last year, they have had the honor of being featured in the Arroyo Weddings, South Asian Bride and the Munaluchi Bride magazine.  Their celebrity clients include but are not limited to Joy Ann Reid of MSNBC, Recording artist, Ledisi, and even “America’s Auntie”, Maxine Waters! Their artistry has been seen on red carpets like The Grammys and the NAACP Image Awards, as well as the national news, motion pictures, and reality shows like AM Joy and The Preachers of L.A. 

Natalie and Nicole view Glamluxxe Beauty as a platform to promote beauty at any age and not just while you are young.  They believe the aging process can take a tole on your self-esteem ad self-worth. Glamluxxe Beauty provides classes, 1-on-1 trainings, demos, and online tutorials through social media.  They are dedicated to making sure that their clients and students are equipped with knowledge, options, and services needed to remain youthful, healthy, and beautiful!


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